With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to share some great expressions and idioms for talking about love and relationships. Whether you’re single, married or something more complicated, there’s surely a phrase or two here that will tickle your fancy. You may find yourself falling head over heels with this lovey-dovey vocabulary!

Once Upon a Time

Hook up with someone

Love at first sight

A strong attraction to someone you meet for the first time.

She saw him from across the street, and it was love at first sight. She just had to say hello.

Head over heels in love

Head over heels

To be completely in love with someone. You’re life has been turned upside down by your new relationship, and you’re crazy about your new love.

She is head over heels in love with her new boyfriend.

Making out in public

Make out with

This usually happens in private locations. It describes heavy physical contact and serious kissing.

I saw you and your boyfriend making out in the hallway. Get a room, guys!

Days of our lives

Are things starting to move faster? You might decide to live together, and one of you will move in with the other. You might meet each other’s parents for the first time. Good luck with that!

After a few months or years, it might be time to get serious about the relationship. You might start to plan for the future, discuss having children, and talk about your larger goals in life. I imagine many people will get engaged on Valentine’s Day this year. Congratulations to them all!

He popped the question!

Pop the question

To propose marriage.

He got down on one knee and popped the question, “Baby, will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes.

He finally put a ring on it.

Put a ring on it

To get engaged and begin to plan for marriage. We can thank Beyoncé for this slangy expression. Girls love to brag to friends about their engagement with a sparkly ring on their finger!

We were on and off for 7 years before he finally put a ring on it.

They decided to split up.

Split up/Break up

Relationships can’t always be picture perfect. Sometimes things just don’t work out, and you decide to go your separate ways. 🙁

We just couldn’t agree on anything, so we decided to split up. I broke up with him this afternoon.

They got back together after a big fight.

Get back together

Continue the relationship after a break up.

I realized that I couldn’t live without the love of your life, so we got back together.

Happily Ever After

The final stage in a relationship isn’t the end; it’s really just the beginning of a long life full of love and promise. It’s not easy to find a person you can spend your whole life with, but true love is possible, and half the fun is getting there!

He could be my soulmate.


The most perfect person in the world for you. Your perfect match. Your destiny.

I’ve been looking for my soulmate my entire life, and now I’ve found him.

They just tied the knot

Tie the Knot

Officially get married.

We couldn’t wait to get married, so we tied the knot after just 6 months!

my wife is my better half

My better half

An affectionate way to refer to your husband or wife.

I can’t wait for you to meet my better half. She’s a wonderful woman.

settle down and start a family

Settle down

Reach a point in life when you decide to start a family.

After years of being a bachelor, he finally settled down and started a family.

an old couple in love

Grow old and gray with

To stay together forever.

I want to meet someone I can grow old and gray with, don’t you?

These two are a couple of lovebirds!

I hope you find love this sweet one day. If you already have it, then celebrate! Love is a lovely thing to share.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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