I recently transitioned to online teaching again, so I really needed a way to showcase my original deck of 72 irregular verb flashcards in a digital format.

I uploaded them digitally and I now have a fantastic set of digital flashcards to use in my classes and share with ESL teachers around the world.

I’ve organized this deck into groups by their verb change pattern.

By grouping them according to change pattern, I’ve found that students are better able to commit them to memory.

Bright, colorful photo illustrations on each card!
Verb Flashcards

The digital flashcards are FREE with any purchase of a physical deck.

If you would like to order a physical deck of these babies from Etsy, here they are!

I’ve also created a DIY version for you to print, cut, and laminate on your own. Easy, peasy!

Handheld cards are great because you can flip through them at your preferred speed, pause to give instruction on usage, or use them as speaking prompts.

Online ESL teacher using
ESL teacher using verb flashcards

With 72 colorful cards, there are almost as many uses for them as you can think of.

Check out my personal list of ideas and share your own as well!

I hope you find these as useful as I do.

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And as always,

Happy teaching!

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