Charts, Templates, and Posters

Step into my time-saving machine! Find everything you need to create custom worksheets in no time flat.


20 Classroom Skills Template Get to know your students’ strengths and weaknesses with a quick check of classroom skills.

28 English Skills Template Self-assessment checklist for various ESL tasks in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

100 Bucket List Ideas Template
ESL students have big dreams, so here’s a BIG bucket list to choose from. Editable template on Canva.

30-Day Challenge Template Create your own 30-Day Challenge with an editable template on Canva.

TV & Film Critique Templates Perfect way to organize ideas and plan descriptive reviews of favorite TV series and films.

Blank Family Tree Template Create a family tree in a snap for use in genealogy projects, ESL/ELL/EFL classrooms.  $3.00

New Year’s Resolution Form Craft a written resolution of your goals for the coming year with this handy resolution worksheet.

For Sale Ad Design Template Create classified ads to sell items with a template + PDF. Variety of uses online and in class.

Fact: 65% of the general population are visual learners. ~The Research

Visual Charts and Posters

8 Verb Collocations Posters These colorful, simple posters use icons for 64 different collocations in American English. 8 Color/BW

10 Conventional Phrases Posters 12 alternate ways of expressing various sentiments in English/ESL/ELL. 10 Color/BW

Preposition Charts: IN, ON, AT
Visual chart classroom posters for time, place, transportation, and media using IN, ON, AT, TO, (0).

Reported Speech Verbs Charts Graphic charts showing verb tense shifts when changing from direct speech to reported speech.

9 Parts of Speech Posters Build a strong foundation of the English language with 9 parts of speech posters for ESL/EFL/ELL. $3.00

Irregular Plurals Animals/People
Irregular plurals visual aid classroom poster for animals and people. Print to 8.5 x 11 or PDF. $2.00

Wh- Question Forms Chart Useful visual aid for determining do or be in simple present and continuous Wh- question forms. FREE

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