Task-Based Learning

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” ~Benjamin Franklin

Task-Based Language Activities

Movies: Complete Activity Pack Conversation, vocabulary, and writing tasks geared towards fluency in film topics. $5.00

TV Shows Activity Pack Speaking, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing, plus bonus trivia and organizers.

Fashion Show Activity Pack A fun way to practice the present continuous, clothing vocabulary, and stacked ordering of adjectives.

New Year’s Resolutions Writing a New Year’s Resolution is a great way to start a new class and a new year! Includes templates! $5.00

Reported Speech Advice Activity Students become experts in giving and getting advice in this fun, zero-prep, role-play activity.

All About Names: Debate Talks Hold an in-depth conversation and debate on name bans, naming rights, and name bias. $4.00

Booking an Air BnB Activity
Complete an online reservation to book a room on Airbnb.com. Hotel vocabulary and descriptions.

Spending and Saving Money
Task-based lesson on spending and saving habits. Pie diagram to analyze personal spending.

All About Bullying
Complete lesson plan that includes speaking, listening, reading, writing, role play, and vocabulary exercises about bullying.

Negotiations Role Play Activity Marketplace dialogue, role play scenarios to see who can get the best deal! Fun & functional! $5.00

Flag Design Activity Template Students work together to design a world flag of the future. Work in pairs on Canva or paper versions.  $3.00

Practice should be practical!

Grammar Games

Guess Who: Grammar Game Practice yes/no question forms in 3rd person singular to identify a mystery guest.

Guess Who: Guess My Job
Practice yes/no question forms in short-answer form to identify a mystery job.

Guess Who: Guess My Animal Practice yes/no question forms in short-answer form to identify a mystery animal.

Guess Who Bundle Pack 3 digital games to describe jobs, people, and animals using DO/BE auxiliary questions. $9.00

48 Countries Brain Teaser Puzzle
Guess the country from the sound pictures! Makes a great warm-up or ice breaker activity. $3.00

Snakes & Ladders: Verb Tenses Snakes and ladders is a fun way to practice verb conjugation. The first knight to reach the castle wins! $3.00

Everyone smiles in the same language.