Are you still teaching your grandma’s grammar? Welcome to the new school!

Fun With Grammar

To vs. For: Chart & Worksheets Chart of Common To/For constructions and 25 gap-fill questions to practice these forms.

Einstein’s Riddle for Modals A great and challenging team-building activity, competition, or end-of-the-year challenge.

Family Tree Possessive’s Activity
Practice using possessives and the ‘J’ sound to describe family relationships using a family tree.

Going To vs Will: Party Planning In groups, students practice using ‘be going to’ and ‘will’ to plan the perfect party.

Pig Latin: Language Activities
Let your students try and crack the code to the wacky rules of Pig Latin. 

Whose vs. Who’s: Grammar Art Students draw portraits and identify the artists and the subject in a classroom setting.

Adjective Practice with 16 Topics Conjugate adjectives into comparative and superlative forms by topic. (ER,-EST)

Reported Speech Advice Activity Students become experts in giving and getting advice in this fun, zero-prep, role-play activity.

Relative Pronouns Definitions Provides a structured formula for writing definitions with relative clauses for Intermediate ESL/ELLs

Disappearing Q’s Get students off the paper and into some great conversation with 3 different speaking activities and games.

Looks vs. Looks Like
Helps students use the commonly confused terms: looks/looks like.

Practice should be practical!

Grammar Games

Guess Who: Grammar Game Practice yes/no question forms in 3rd person singular to identify a mystery guest.

Guess Who: Guess My Job
Practice yes/no question forms in short-answer form to identify a mystery job.

Guess Who: Guess My Animal Practice yes/no question forms in short-answer form to identify a mystery animal.

Guess Who Bundle Pack 3 digital games to describe jobs, people, and animals using DO/BE auxiliary questions. $9.00

48 Countries Brain Teaser Puzzle
Guess the country from the sound pictures! Makes a great warm-up or ice breaker activity. $3.00

Snakes & Ladders: Verb Tenses Snakes and ladders is a fun way to practice verb conjugation. The first knight to reach the castle wins! $3.00

Everyone smiles in the same language.